The Danelectro Baby Sitar & a Tale of Two Cities

Let's see how the Baby Sitar plays some melodies from '67.
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As I was goofing around with the Danelectro Baby Sitar that was at Guitar Player Central for review, something started me playing some melodies from the deep past of my music-absorbing youth.

And then I thought, "Why not play those melodies 'somewhat' in sync to videos from 1967?"

Hey, might be fun...

So here's the Danelectro Baby Sitar as it negotiates the vocal lines from the Bee Gees "Massachusetts" and Glen Campbell's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix."

The Baby Sitar cops a pretty neat psychedelic vibe — although the buzzy wonderment can sometimes stop ringing when you'd probably prefer that it droned on a bit longer. But it's a really fun and easy-to-play instrument, as well as a great "weapon" to bring out for sessions, sing-alongs, and live performances where you want to shake things up a bit.

I recorded the song tracks with the Baby Sitar plugged directly into GarageBand. There is no EQ or compression—only some reverb was added via a GarageBand plug-in. The outro sitar has a bit of a "British Clean" amp simulation — again, through a GarageBand plug-in — just because I felt like rocking out a little.