The Alpaca Guitar Goes Just About Anywhere (VIDEO)

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Alpaca Guitar doesn’t concern itself with fine tonewoods, elaborate inlays or many of the other matters of materials, build and design that affect the work of other guitar makers.

The Vermont company is much more interested in knowing the guitars it builds can withstand a dunking in a river, a trek to the frigid north or a trip through a rainforest and play as well as the day they were made.

The Alpaca is a go-anywhere adventure guitar that can handle pretty much any scenario you place it in. Handmade in Vermont, it has a 24 3/4–inch scale and is built of carbon fiber, flax fabric and bio-derived resins. The guitar is constructed in two pieces—the back and front—and the top has a sheet of wood encapsulated in the carbon fiber to improve tone.

Together, these make for a strong, 2.6-pound instrument with a resonant sound. And because Alpaca is built with earth-friendly materials, you can strum and fingerpick in good conscience.

Pretty much everything about the guitar is designed with travel in mind. The soundhole is on the upper bass bout rather than in the middle of the top, beneath the strings, making it possible to store items in the body when traveling. The guitar has no headstock, a fragile component that could become easily damaged from rough use, and instead has its tuning gears mounted at the base of the instrument.

Finally, an embedded three-point daisy chain on the guitar’s back makes it possible to attach the Alpaca to pretty much anything, from a backpack to a luggage rack.

WPTZ, an NBC affiliate in Plattsburgh, New York, caught up with the company and filed this informative piece on Alpaca, which we’re happy to share with you. Take a look, and when you’re done, visit Alpaca for more information, audio and video.