Take a Look at This Absolutely Horrifying, Woodworm-Infested Guitar

Make sure you have a strong stomach before you watch this one.

Over the years, we've all seen guitars that have met unfortunate fates due to neglect, carelessness or just plain misfortune. It's hard to imagine a more depressing (or, quite frankly, disgusting) fall from grace though, than the one that has befallen this particular guitar. 

In the video above, posted by Ecuador repair shop Guitars Clinic, you can see the moment where the guitar—a Yamaha RGX 521—is stripped of part of its finish... to reveal a swarm of woodworms feasting on the innards of the guitar. 

The initial clip featured the caption “This is awesome," but a follow-up video lamented “They are everywhere." 

We don't even know how this infestation happened exactly, but we wager that, if Guitars Clinic can manage to restore this thing back into playable shape, they can probably repair anything.

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