Switchcraft Expands AAA Series and Tini-QG XLR/DMX Connector Line

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Switchcraft, a leading US manufacturer of connectors, has expanded its innovative “AAA” series XLR and Tini-QG Mini-XLR connectors, adding white as a color option in addition to the existing black and nickel.

The AAA series represents nearly 70 years of experience making XLR connectors, and with no screws and only 2 pieces to assemble it is the fastest and easiest to install connector available. Already a favorite of the lighting industry, the white option opens new possibilities. “Many architectural lighting installations utilize white hardware,” said Switchcraft’s OEM Marketing Manager Dan Sima. “Our customers asked for a connector to match and this product delivers that.”

Switchcraft has also created a white version of their popular Tini-QG line of Mini-XLR connectors. Switchcraft developed the original Mini XLR connector more than 30 years ago and it has been used in applications ranging from microphones to medical devices.

With options ranging from 3 thru 8 contacts, this product is expected to be utilized in audio, instrumentation, and many other applications. White AAA Series XLRs and Tini-QG Mini XLRs are in stock at many leading distributors. Learn more at www.switchcraft.com.