Stethoscope Amp Gives You Personal Amplification for Under $20

Noggin Rockers promises to be “the best guitar amplifier you'll ever own for under $20.”
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It requires no electricity or batteries and it can provide personal amplification on any guitar or bass. Best of all, you can carry it in your pocket.

The new Noggin Rockers amp is a stethoscope-like device that attaches to the surface of a guitar or bass. The sound from the instrument is then sent up to a pair of soft-gel ear buds using physics alone—no electricity or batteries required.

User can adjust volume and tone by loosening or tightening the Noggin Rockers’ diaphragm retaining ring. Moving it closer makes the sound louder.

So while it doesn’t offer loads of frills, Noggin Rockers will help you hear your guitar more clearly when you’re in a noisy place or when you want to practice at night without bothering anyone.

• Volume Control
• Quick Disconnect
• Soft Gel Ear Buds
• Audio Flex Tubing
• Easy to use & attaches to surface of any stringed instrument, front or back
• Control the volume & tone by loosening or tightening the diaphragm retaining ring
• Great for Guitar practice, Precision tuning, Traveling, Guitar lessons, college dorm rooms, Apartments, Hotel rooms

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Noggin Rockers cost $14.95, plus $3 for shipping, and can be purchased online. The company promises it will be “the best guitar amplifier you'll ever own for under $20.”

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