SnapDrive Lets You Custom Design Your Own Stomp Boxes | VIDEO

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Is this the ultimate in tweakable effects?

Guitarists love to modify their gear to achieve their ideal tones and performance capabilities.

While it’s fairly easy to mod your guitar with new pickups and hardware, and outfit your amp with new tubes, you need a knowledge of circuitry and an ability with machining tools if you want to circuit-break your effect pedals and add new features and capabilities.

The SnapDrive could be an answer for guitarists who want more control over the features and tone that their pedals offer.

SnapDrive inventor Emil Kirilov has taken a modular approach to the matter. SnapDrive consists of numerous common pedal circuits, each in their own self-contained module. The modules can be snapped into a breadboard on which Kirilov has mounted footswitches and jacks that allow you to use the SnapDrive in your set up.

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Some of SnapDrive’s features include:

• True bypass
• Analog sound
• Easy to use
• Cost effective
• Robust enough for live performance
• Studio quality
• Ability to incorporate other effects/stomp boxes
• Expandable
• Block compatibility on future platforms
• 9-volt output supply
• Blocks sold separately according to your needs

Kirilov has started an Indiegogo campaign to get his idea off the ground. So far he’s raised just over $200 toward his $6,000 funding goal, with 23 days left in the campaign.

Granted, the circuits look crude, but obviously this is just at the prototyping stage. He recently updated his Facebook page with a new design for modules, which is much sleeker and professional looking.

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Take a look at Kirilov’s video demonstration below, and see what you think. Is this something you would use or experiment with, or do you prefer to leave the pedal designing to the folks who do it for a living?

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