Slowhand Personal Video Tutor Now Available for Download

Download any video, zoom in, loop and slow down video and audio playback in sync, without changing pitch.
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MasterMind Design, Ltd., has announced the release of Slowhand Personal Video Tutor, the easy-to-use video software that lets musicians download any video, zoom in, loop and slow down video and audio playback in sync and without changing pitch.

Whether you want to figure out the notes played during a 1/32-note run by your favorite neo-metal master, learn the exact fingering of a passing chord from a jazz legend, or want to study the vibrato technique used in that special solo, Slowhand will teach and show you how, at your pace.

Slowhand lets you zoom in and center the frame so you can see exactly what you need to see. Once you have your shot, slow it down without changing pitch. No more scratching your head when Yngwie "slows it down" from sixteen notes per second to "only" eight. Slowhand shows you exactly what's being played, and lets you hear it too, at original pitch and in sync with the picture.

Slowhand is a “no-manual-needed” experience. The interface is immediately familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of playback devices, such as DVD or MP3 players, and all core functions are accessed from dedicated front-panel buttons. Simply download any video into Slowhand (a tool for grabbing YouTube videos is built-in; all video formats are supported), select a section to learn, zoom into where the playing is happening, loop it, and slow it down to a comfortable playback speed until you've mastered it. If a part proves particularly challenging, save the loop and revisit it as many times as needed to nail it.

The company notes, “Slowhand Personal Video Tutor is based on technology (multiple patents pending) that you likely presumed already existed. And when you see (and hear) Slowhand working, it's so natural you'll swear that what you're experiencing is totally normal. It turns out that slowing video playback without affecting audio pitch is a concept so easy, it only took 50 years to crack!”

While Slowhand was designed by guitar players, it is equally well-suited to a wide variety of instruments you're trying to learn, such as piano, cello, saxophone, drums and so on.

Slowhand Personal Video Tutor is currently available for download as a full-featured, ad-free trial directly from the Slowhand web site. Visit to download a free trial.