Seven Reasons Why Guitars Don’t Have to Be So Expensive

Elements and features once expensive for guitar manufacturers are much cheaper today.
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If you’re ever wondering why some guitars are so expensive, you might assume it’s because of the wood, finish, inlays or pickups, or possibly because the guitar is a set-neck design.

But while some of those elements and features were once expensive for guitar manufacturers, that doesn’t necessarily hold true today.

In his latest video, Phillip McKnight looks at these and various other common features found on electric guitars that might appear to be costly but are actually very inexpensive for guitar manufacturers to create or add.

The seven areas he covers are:

• Inlays
• Exotic wood tops
• Binding
• Set necks
• Pickups
• Photo finish
• Wood

Take a look, and when you’re done, be sure to visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more of his fun and informative videos.