Sawmill Music Announces Hardwood Guitar Capos

Designed for guitarists seeking form and utility in their capo.
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Boston's Sawmill Music has released a new line of hardwood guitar capos.

Designed for guitarists seeking a capo that combines both form and utility, the Sawmill Capo is the first wooden guitar capo with modern day functionality.

Key features include:

  • The exterior is machined from solid hardwood in rosewood, zebrawood, maple, or padauk.
  • Combined with a Mother of Pearl inlay, the hardwood complements the guitar in a variety of different colors and grain patterns.
  • A novel mechanical structure underneath the wood shell allows for quick one-handed key changes and keeps the guitarist’s wrist in a healthy ergonomic position.
  • The mechanical design allows the Sawmill Capo to be used as a partial capo on either the low or high strings.

The Sawmill Capo is currently available now for pre-order via Kickstarter at an exclusive price point of $50. Following the crowdfunding campaign, additional pre-orders will be available through Sawmill Music.