Rotosound Launches New Guitar & Bass Care Products

Take good care of your guitar with Rotosound products.
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Rotosound believes a guitar or bass that is well cared for will give a lifetime of musical enjoyment. To help players clean and condition instruments, they have created a new range of quality care products including guitar polish, string lube and lemon oil, all of which are quick and easy to use.

Guitar Polish
The polish is specially formulated to keep stringed instruments in top condition. Its cleaning action reduces fingerprinting, streaking, dust and grime in seconds, restoring an instrument’s shine and luster. The polish continues to work after application protecting guitars and basses from dust build up, helping to keeping them in pristine condition.

String Cleaner Lube
This silicone based lubricant aids friction reduction as well as helping to prolongs string life and the brightness of the string tone. Used correctly it can speed up playing, make sliding effortless and pull offs easier, as well as improve fretting accuracy. String cleaner lube can help make strings smoother, increasing fluidity of playing.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner that will keep the fret board of prized guitars and basses looking fresh and playing at their best. Made from the finest ingredients it helps remove dirt, grease and wax build up on instruments and combat the drying and cracking of the wood

Rotosound is all about getting the best sound out of a stringed instrument. Using Rotosound care products on a regular basis will not only help keep guitars and basses clean, it can help them sound and look like new too!

All the care products come in compact bottles that fit easily into instrument cases. To find out more about these and all other Rotosound Products please go to