Reverend's Charger 290 LE Now Available in Three New Colors

The Limited Edition Charger 290 is only available through 2015.
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Last Fall, Reverend Guitars released a limited edition model of the Charger 290. It was so popular, Reverend is bringing it back in three new colors and offering it through 2015.

The model is available in:

 Metallic Black

Metallic Copper Fire (also pictured above)

 Metallic Rose

 Deep Sea Blue 

All come with cream pickguards, cream pickup covers, and a shoulder strap that matches the color of the guitar. Each has a Bigsby B-50 with Reverend’s own soft-touch spring.

Chicago Music Exchange wanted to be a part of the unique model, so they had fifteen exclusive Great Lakes Blue Charger 290 LEs made for their store.

The Reverend Charger 290 has an excellent vintage tone. and is twangy enough for Country, but thick enough for Rock.

Like all Reverends, the Charger 290 has:

  • A Korina body
  • Three-piece neck
  • Graphite nut and locking tuners
  • Reverend’s Bass Contour Control
  • Dual-action truss rod

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