Rare 1941 Gibson J-35 Acoustic Found Under WWII Vet's Bed

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Here's a guitar that hasn't seen much action.

This rare 1941 Gibson J-35 was found in pristine condition under the bed of its original owner. The man, a 92-year-old World War II veteran in Des Moines, Iowa, was preparing to move house when his kids pulled the case out from under his bed and discovered the treasure.

The guitar was authenticated by Mark Stutman of vintage stringed-instrument shop Folkway Music in Waterloo, Ontario.

Speaking to CBC News, Stutman called the guitar, "an incredible find."

Introduced in late 1936, the J-35 was a 16-inch round-shoulder dreadnought named for its $35 price tag. The model was discontinued just seven years later in favor of the J-45.

Stutman estimates that just 1,000 J-35s were made back in the day. The guitar found in Iowa has a cherry sunburst finish, which makes it even rarer. Most J-35s had a standard sunburst finish.

He places its value at around $25,000.

The owner bought the guitar in 1941 before departing for the Pacific during World War II. He hasn't touched the instrument since.

Stutman has already received multiple messages from interested buyers.

"Everyone is going gaga," he says. "When you find that 'holy grail under-the-bed special' it's a big deal."

For more information, contact Folkway Music