Pitch-Key Changes the Pitch of Any String in an Instant

Pitch-Key can be used on any string, and in multiples.
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We were impressed by so many innovative guitar products in 2015, and given the wealth of new offerings, it’s not surprising that we overlooked one or two.

One that we just recently discovered is the Pitch-Key, a unique accessory for electric and acoustic guitars that lets you quickly change the tuning of any string or strings.

The Pitch-Key attaches to any steel string between the nut and the tuning post. You can pre-set it to play two different pitches and then quickly switch between the pitches as you play by rotating a thumb-wheel on the device.

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Pitch-Key can be fitted and removed in seconds and without removing the strings. Drop D tunings are a breeze, and you can use several of them at once to give yourself even more pitching-changing options.

The extent of possible pitch change depends on the string gauge. Pitch-Key is recommended for steel strings down to .054 and can generally give a range of about plus or minus a whole step on the D, G and B strings. Low E and A strings can be detuned up to two whole steps (tuning upward is not recommended for these strings). The chart below shows the scope of a Pitch-Key fitted to a 25.5-inch-scale guitar at standard pitch.

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Pitch-Key is available from a number of retailers and can be purchased directly from the company’s site.

Check out the video below, and visit Pitch-Key.com for pricing and more information.