P-Link Pickups Let You Swap Pickups in 30 Seconds—With Strings Still Attached

Change pickups in less time than it takes to change a string.
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Imagine swapping out your guitar’s pickups faster and more easily than you can change a string.

Pratley Guitars makes it a reality with its new P-LINK interchangable pickup system for humbucking-sized pickups. P-LINK is a direct replacement for standard humbucker mounting rings and allows you to swap pickups in 30 seconds, with no tools required, and with your guitar’s strings still attached.

Just loosen a few strings, slip out the P-LINK frame and change from a vintage-style single-coil to a modern humbucker or other pickup of your choice. P-LINK’s plastic frame fits into the pickup cavity, and the pickup can be clipped in securely.

Pratley will launch a Kickstarter campaign for P-LINK on August 19. Visit Pratley.com, or follow Pratley on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

You can learn more in the video below, which features the Pratley Session Pro DLX guitar.