New@NAMM 2015: Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz

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Source Audio is releasing some cagey "sneak peeks" of their new products debuting at NAMM on January 22, 2015, and, as I'm an avowed fuzz freak and lover of purple hues, I'm thinking the company's Kingmaker Fuzz must have been manufactured with me in mind.

Yeah. Right. Well, a boy can dream...

Personal-ego hallucinations aside, the fuzz-o-licious entry to Source Audio's One Series of pedals seems like a pretty hot item for fuzz lovers. You get three choices of nasty (Source Audio's takes on a Big Muff, a Fuzz Face, and an Octavia), four controls (Drive, Level, Bass, Treble), and ultimate sonic tweaking via the pedal's USB jack and its free Neuro Effects Editor software (which unlocks eight options of fuzz, overdrive, and distortion, as well as comprehensive EQ control).

Take your own peek at this purple monster below...