New Radial Blog Answers Your Rig & Sound Questions

Radial engineers, musicians, and sound professionals share their tips.
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A new, fun and informative resource on tone and rig setups, Radial Blog, has been added to

"We've always made education our main goal on the website," says Radial President Peter Janis, whose company invents a comprehensive line of 'unsexy but necessary' gear that helps musicians and engineers achieve optimum tone on stage and in the studio. "The blog pages add a little more of an entertainment factor and flexibility in how we deliver the information. We'll be posting insider news, third-party reviews, and some quick educational bites. For example, if you go to the blog today, you will find a link to our latest education piece '5 Guitar Hacks to Get Rid of Noise in Your Rig.'"

Readers can sign up to receive notification of new blog posts that will come in the form of a quick summary to their email In Boxes.

"You'll get to see a whole lot more of what goes on behind the scenes here at Radial," says Janis. "We have major acts come by our offices to talk about gear, and sometimes inspire our engineering team to come up with something new. We're going to share those stories. How cool is that?"

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