New Gear from Amptweaker, Fender, Dr. No, and More

Goodies Signature model based on the Zelinsky designed instrument that Winter played and toured with from 2011 until his passing in July 2014.
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Johnny Winter Signature Guitar

Goodies Signature model based on the Zelinsky designed instrument that Winter played and toured with from 2011 until his passing in July 2014. Features include an engraved flame-maple top, ultra-thin mahogany body, 24-fret maple neck, brushed satin nickel hardware, locking tuners, and Dean Zelinsky Custom Humbuckers. Ships with a tweed Tolex hard case and a signed certificate of authenticity.
Price $2,899 direct
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Tonal Recall

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Goodies Analog delay with digital controls built around a pair of reissued MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips. Highlights include Ramp/Tone, Mix, Mod, Rate, Time, Regeneration, Mod, and Depth controls. There are two switchable modes: “S” (1 MN3005 chip) provides 20ms to 275ms of delay, and “L” (2 MN3005 chips) delivers 40ms to 550ms of delay) modes. Other details include a tap-tempo switch, analog presets that can be recalled via toggle switch or MIDI controller, and true or buffered bypass operation.
Price $399 retail
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FatMetal Pro

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Goodies. This beefier version of Amptweaker’s TightMetal Pro was designed for use with brighter amps and especially for purveyors of sludge, doom, and black metal. Features include Gain and Volume boost, footswitchable effects loop for adding delay or other effects, 3-band EQ, a proprietary SideTrak loop; Smooth, Thrash, and Fat switches; and a Tight control for adjusting the tightness and aggressiveness of the picking attack.
Price $319 street
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Pro In-Ear Monitors

Goodies Designed for performing musicians and hand assembled in Nashville, this series of five in-ear monitors (DXA1, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6, and FXA7) marks Fender’s first foray into the IEM market. All models (except the DXA1) feature 3D-printed housings and custom-designed drivers. Each set ships with a carrying case, secure-fitting tips, a cleaning tool, and a detachable cable.

Price $99-$499 retail
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Goodies String conditioner and lubricant engineered to improve your guitar strings’ harmonic resonance by removing grime and debris particles. The formula, which is the result of “micro-barrier technologies from the field of high-precision ballistics,” allows the strings to vibrate without restriction, providing superior sustain more vibrant sound quality.
Price $18.95 street
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MotherBrain Analog Delay

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Goodies Handmade delay pedal with three brain-shaped knobs: Present (wet/dry signal adjustment), Insanity (delay time), and Memory (choose between Long Term and Short Term feedback). Limited run of 350 numbered pedals signed by Dr. No himself.
Price $272 retail
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Goodies Dual-coil magnetic soundhole pickup combined with a built-in active microphone and piezo pickup. Includes a Phase switch and a mono/stereo setting that allows for stereo breakout to a mixer and separation of the soundhole and piezo signals. Easy installation. Up to 46 hours of battery life.

Price $315 direct
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