This Converse All Wah Sneaker Has a Built-In Wah Pedal | DEMO

Watch Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis demonstrate.
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Converse has unveiled the final version of a new Chuck Taylor sneaker with something special built into it just for guitarists.

Dubbed the All Wah, the sneaker features a built-in wah pedal. Yes, you read that right.

A prototype of the shoe first appeared in 2013, and now the finished product is here.

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Designed and developed by Cute Circuit, the All Wah uses microsensor technology to track the flex of the sole, then communicates via Bluetooth with the included Wah Box. It works with an amp and can also be connected to a Mac or iPhone.

The video below shows the prototype, which features a different connection scheme from the finished version. In the second video, Dinosaur Jr guitarist J Mascis tests out the All Wah.

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