New Artful Teye Guitars Announced

Each Teye guitar is like a work of art.
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Eccentric Dutch engineer and Austin luthier, Teye, is re-launching his Coyote line of highly artistic guitars as the new and improved Super-Coyote line.

Each guitar in his line is like a work of art, such as "Cleopatra & the Lion" (pictured above), "Bloodsucking Vampiresas" "Dracula's Castle" and "Chain of Life." Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Mick Taylor (Stones), Zac Brown, and Sasha Kristov (NBC-TV's The Voice) all agree: these instruments sound even better than they look.

Upgrades in the Super-Coyote line include:

  • Lollar pickups
  • A-style graphics
  • Hand rubbed shipwreck finish
  • Perfect cases
  • Teye's new and revolutionary MOJO-control, essentially the Mood-knob on steroids: smoother, deeper, and more effective

Teye is now also offering left-handed versions of all his guitars, and later next year he will be offering a 5-string bass.

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