Ernie Ball Offers Three New Acoustic String Sets

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Three new acoustic string sets from Ernie Ball provide guitarists with a variety of options for obtaining the best response from their instruments.

Aluminum Bronze strings ($7.99 street) combine a maraging steel core with an aluminum bronze wrap to deliver a richer and fuller tone with enhanced projection and a more powerful low-end response. Another benefit of adding aluminum to the wrap is better resistance to sweat and other contaminants that can degrade string life.

Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Alloy strings ($5.99 street) use an exclusive phosphor-bronze wire wrap over a hexagonal core of brass-plated high-carbon steel to provide deep, rich bass notes and clear, bright treble. These strings also have the distinction of being the choice of Brad Paisley, John Mayer, and Paul McCartney.

Designed to provide a crisp, ringing sound with pleasing overtones, Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Alloy strings ($4.21 street) are made from 80% copper/20% zinc wire wrapped around hex-shaped, brass-plated steel core wire.