L.R. Baggs Debuts the Synapse Personal PA System

Guitar Player checks in with L.R. Baggs owner and founder Lloyd Baggs to get the scoop on the company's Synapse Personal PA System.
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Most guitarists are familiar with L.R. Baggs for the company’s popular pickups and electronics.

And with their latest product announcement at the 2017 NAMM Show – The Synapse Personal PA System – the company will soon be known in the personal PA segment as well.

The Synapse Personal PA System is the result of nearly four years of L.R. Baggs’ most advanced engineering. Developed primarily for singer-songwriters and solo acoustic performers, Synapse employs a unique, all-horn speaker design that projects a full 180 degree horizontal waveform at all frequencies, connecting the performer and audience together in the exact same sound.

In the clip below, Guitar Player chats with L.R. Baggs owner and founder Lloyd Baggs to get the scoop.

While at the booth, Guitar Player also checked in with Doyle Dykes to find out about his Godin signature model that employs L.R. Baggs electronics. Watch the video below for more.

For the latest on L.R. Baggs, visit LRBaggs.com.