Mojotone Introduces PW Hornet Humbucker

The Mojotone PW Hornet is the signature humbucker for Paul Waggoner of the band, Between the Buried and Me.
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Paul Waggoner, of the North Carolina-based progressive metal band, Between the Buried and Me, has collaborated with Mojotone to develop a signature humbucker pickup model, the PW Hornet ($120 U.S. retail).

The "PW Hornet" is designed to provide a wide variety of progressive tones. The entire sonic spectrum is accounted for without getting mushy on the low end or harsh on the high end. In addition, coil-tapping and dynamic pick-attack features make the PW Hornet a well-balanced and versatile high-output humbucker.

The neck pickup utilizes an alnico 4 magne, and its DC resistance is measured at 7.5k. The bridge pickup utilizes a ceramic magnet and its DC resistance is measured at 11k. The PW Hornet is offered in a number of cosmetic variations and is available exclusively at