ModKits DIY The Aggressor Distortion Pedal

This new DIY kit has everything. You supply the hand tools, a soldering iron, and solder.
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Want to craft your own distortion pedal?

Depending on your electronics-fabrication skills, this new kit can make you look like a boutique builder, as everything is wired point-to-point on terminal strips. The kit includes a pre-drilled metal enclosure and all the parts. All you have to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron, and solder.

The Aggressor has Gain, Volume, and Tone controls, along with a mini-toggle switch that shifts the mid-frequency response: You get a darker, more scooped sound in the down setting, and a brighter, mids-forward tone in the up position. This pedal is capable of a wide range of meaty distortion—from edge-of-breakup to quite saturated—and the Tone knob has ample range to accommodate single-coil and humbucker guitars, and is voiced to provide plenty of bass.

The only weird thing about our test sample (which we did not build) was that the Volume control never went fully to zero, and only increased loudness in the last part of its rotation, sort of like a switch. That’s apparently intentional in the design, however, and other details of this reasonably priced pedal include a true hardwire bypass and an LED indicator.


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