Millennium Falcon Guitar Is a Star Wars Fan's Dream (VIDEO)

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What do you get when you cross a Stratocaster neck with a Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy?

The Han Solo.

Builder Doni Latchford of Coventry, England, creates these out-of-this-world instruments using original Millennium Falcon models. Latchford, who sells them through Etsy under the name DoniGuitars, has no trouble sourcing the bodies. Millennium Falcons were hugely popular when Kenner Products introduced them in 1979, and the models were subsequently reissued by Kenner as well as Hasbro. Some were manufactured without lights, but Latchford adds plenty of blue LEDS, which are powered by a concealed and easy-to-access battery pack.

The crowning touch is a headstock overlay of actor Harrison Ford as Han Solo himself.

So how does a plastic-bodied guitar built from a toy sound? Not half bad, according to Latchford.

“This guitar produces a wonderful tone and with a half decent amp,” he writes on his Etsy page. “You could amaze everyone by conquering all manner of riffs in less than 12 parsecs!”

Latchford even has bassists covered. His Rebel Bass is a fully working P Bass–style guitar with a Millennium body.

The cost of the instruments is $710.79 for the Han Solo and $789.76 for the Rebel Bass. (The odd prices are likely due to the exchange rate.) For another $355.39 you can get a custom case that will fit either instrument.

Take note that there is a three-month waiting list for any of the above instruments. So while there’s no chance you’ll have one to rock at the Star Wars Celebration April 16 through 19, you can always plan ahead for next year.

Below, Brian Fisk shows off a Millennium Falcon guitar he built himself, complete with R2D2 headstock and the sound effects produced by the original toy. A gallery of DoniGuitars instruments follows.