MidValleyFx Debuts New Double-Amp Distorter

Op-amp pedal delivers tons of high-gain power.
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MidValleyFx Double-Amp Distorter

MidValleyFx Double-Amp Distorter

MidValleyFX has released the Double-Amp Distorter, a new high-gain op-amp distortion pedal.

According to the company, the pedal is designed to deliver “fuzz-like tones at max gain, distorted heavy rock at medium gain levels and a nice thick overdrive when in the lower gain regions.”

Features include Volume, Gain and Tone knobs, a switch to choose between two different silicon diodes and true bypass on/off. The pedal runs on 9-volt operation and standard DC input.

The Double-Amp Distorter is available at MidValleyFx.com for $125.