Meet Sensus, the World’s First Smart Guitar | DEMO VIDEO & GALLERY

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A company called Mind Music Labs has developed what it’s calling the first smart guitar. Dubbed the Sensus, it combines a true guitar with wireless connectivity and the ability to receive, process and share music and data.

The video below shows the first prototype. In this new video, you can see Sensus put through its paces.

According to Mind Music Labs, the Sensus doesn’t need an amplifier—all the sounds are produced in high fidelity by the guitar’s body, which its makers claim is “built on the same acoustic principles and with the same wood of Stradivari’s violins.”

Using the Sensus alone, players can perform and record, add effects, and playback and share performances online. They can even stream and play along with music, as well as jam with others at a distance wirelessly.

The Sensus can also be used in the studio and onstage, where its advanced features can add a level of interactivity to performances.

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While we’ve seen some similar wireless and streaming capabilities in modern guitar-based instruments like the Artiphon and jamstik+, Sensus differs from them in several ways.

First off, and significantly, Sensus is made of wood, features a soundboard of red spruce, and uses real strings like a conventional guitar. And the strings aren’t merely triggers—they vibrate, and those vibrations cause the guitar’s body to resonate, again like a standard guitar.

But unlike a conventional guitar, Sensus can also produce any sound transmitted to it wirelessly. This sound is produced by the guitar’s body and emitted with the same intensity 360 degrees around the instrument, making it a true 360-degree music system.

Sensus is also a smart device. It uses the flexible LoT—Lab of Things—platform, in which devices can be interconnected. According to Mind Music Labs, the guitars features “state-of-the-art sensors and a powerful digital brain which can receive, process and share music and data. With Sensus, you can modulate and effect your music in unprecedented ways. Live.”

Check out the video for a full demonstration of the Sensus in performance. For more information, visit and the company’s Soundcloud and YouTube pages. You can also follow Mind Music Labs on Facebook and Twitter.