Keeler Sound Lights Up the Performer Series with LEDs

Keeler Sound expands the Performer Series line to include LEDs.
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A revolutionary approach to feedback control, inspired by exhaust technology, was unveiled this fall with the official debut of the Performer Series for acoustic guitars. Due to the breakthrough design, Designer and Audio Engineer Rick Keeler says, “As a musician for over 35 years, it has been my quest to bridge the gap between live performances and studio quality sound for the acoustic guitar. Musicians will love the feedback control and sonic enhancement they experience when the acoustic guitar is amplified.”

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And now, just in time to add a little bling for the holidays, Keeler Sound is expanding the Performer Series product line to include LEDs. You have to see it to believe it.

Two new sleek products are being unveiled this season – the Keeler Soundhole Cover and the Shorty Power Processor, both decked out in jet black with LED lights. The new Keeler Soundhole Cover provides light feedback control and is available in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and will fit most nylon and steel string guitars. Simply loosen the strings to fit the cover in the soundhole of your guitar. No special tools and no modifications are needed for installation of any of the Performer Series products.

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All of the Performer Series Sound Processors, including the new Shorty Power Processor, can be used with different diaphragm materials to enhance the tone and to control feedback. Used with a wood diaphragm, they are best used for guitars that have a brittle high end, because they smooth out the tone. The result is nothing short of amazing. While playing with a Performer Series Shorty, musicians have said, “It removes the fog and sounds like a whole new guitar.” It creates a more pleasant tone and will make even the most inexpensive guitar sound like a concert guitar. The Jumbo is best suited for bass guitars. When used with a carbon fiber diaphragm, the Jumbo Steel Processor “makes the bass sound punchier” when amplified, and sounds incredible when playing rock songs.

Even with all those options, the game changer is in the feedback control. For the first time ever, volume and bass do not have to be compromised when the sound is amplified. The musician controls the amount of feedback by adjusting the placement of the diaphragm. Unlike any other products on the market today, the Keeler Sound Performer Series provides adjustable feedback control, sonic enhancement and a whole new way to light up your style.

Available now through November 20 with special holiday pricing. For a limited time, the Keeler Soundhole Cover can be purchased for $49 and the Shorty Power Processor can be purchased for $199, both exclusively at the Keeler Sound Online Store at