Hungry Robot Pedals Releases New Overdrive

Hungry Robot is designed to push the limits of what a high gain overdrive can do.
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 The Hungry Robot is an original circuit designed to push the limits of what a high gain overdrive can do. It promises unprecedented tonal quality and versatility that can’t be found in other high gain overdrives.

This is not to be confused with its low gain namesake (the original Hungry Robot); this circuit travels far beyond its low-gain amp-like counterpart into the world of high-saturated distorted tones. The problem that most high gain overdrives face is a flabby, #ff0000 low-end.

The tone stack in The Hungry Robot (hg) works to tighten the low end and emphasize the mids and highs. Most of the original Hungry Robot’s success is owed to the unique internal controls.

Like the original, The Hungry Robot (hg) has its own set of 6 internal dipswitches that allow you to drastically shape the overall sound of the pedal to fit any rig and playing style.

Features include:

Externals Controls:

Gain, Tone, Volume

6 Internal Dipswitches:

Dipswitch #1 – More Gain

Dipswitch #2 – Bass Boost

Dipswitch #3 – Stacked Op-Amp

Dipswitch #4 – Gating

Dipswitch #5 – 1N914 (Clipping)

Dipswitch #6 – Treble Boos

Set to release on 10/1/15. Find out more at