GuitarForte Lets You Play Guitar Percussively, Like a Piano

Six tabs let you play guitar like a piano—hard or soft and everything in between.
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Does GuitarForte provide guitarists with a different way to play guitar? Yes indeed. Will it stick? Only time will tell.

The device—which is demonstrated in the top two (brief) videos below—allows you to play the guitar percussively, just as you would a piano. While the fretting hand frets as always, the picking hand presses any of the six white tabs situated behind the guitar's bridge to produce a sound, once again, in the same manner as a piano or harpsichord. You can play GuitarForte hard or soft—or anything in between.

As shown in the photo, GuitarForte can be attached to acoustic and electric guitars via a strap that goes around the guitar's body. For more photos (showing electric guitars), check out the company's Facebook page. For more information, watch the bottom video, which was shot at the 2013 Summer NAMM Show, where GuitarForte was initially introduced.