Guitar Tops Poll for "Sexiest Instrument"

The Guitar grabbed the top spot of a 60 MINUTES and VANITY FAIR poll of the sexiest instruments.
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Well, heck, all guitarists know that, right?

Still, it was nice to know that many people seem to agree with us.

In a poll identifying the "sexiest instruments" by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, the guitar edged out the saxophone for the top spot. The complete results were: Guitar (26 percent), Saxophone (25 percent), Piano (21 percent), Violin (14 percent), Drums (seven percent), and Flute (five percent.)

The poll was part of a survey by the two media companies that measured how Americans listen to music, and what they like to hear. Vanity Fair will publish the complete results in its upcoming issue.

Another factoid from the poll that may not be a surprise to Guitar Player readers, is that 42 percent of Americans feel the current decade has had the worst music in 45 years. And don't just blame the old fogeys for that perception. Nope. Even people under 30 years old are most likely to believe this decade has provided the worst music since 1970.

The original, full story by Shosshana Davis of CBS News ishere