Gibson Puts Coated Strings on All 2014 Models

Gibson is shipping all 2014 guitars with coated strings.
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Gibson is shipping its 2014 model year guitars with coated strings.

"Pull a 2014 guitar from its case, and you won’t even be able to tell the strings are coated—until you start playing," states a report on "That’s when you’ll notice the smooth, inviting feel that makes the 2014 guitars more playable than ever. Although these American-made strings use the traditional construction of nickel-plated steel over a hex core, the secret to the superior feel is an ultra-thin film coating that’s less than one micron thick. What’s more, the coating resists hard strumming and corrosion from sweat or high humidity, so the strings last three to five times longer than uncoated strings, produce more output, and retain their brightness longer, as well."

What are YOUR thoughts on coated strings?

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