Gibson Les Paul vs. Ibanez RG Premium: Put Their Tones to the Test

These two rock mainstays work—and are regularly used—in a wide but similar variety of rock subgenres.
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Hey, guys. Today we have a new video by Darrell Braun, that gear-loving YouTuber who pits guitars against each other in head-to-head tone shootouts.

This time, Darrell compares the tones of two "icons of rock"—a Gibson Les Paul Traditional and an Ibanez RG Premium.

Darrell admits that these are vastly different instruments, but he reasons that they're both rock mainstays that work—and are employed regularly—in a wide but similar variety of rock subgenres.

As always, Darrell runs through the specs of each guitar before playing them (very tastefully, we might add) under what he feels are identical conditions. Check out the video below, and be sure to tell us which guitar sounds "more agreeable" to your ears!

For more gear videos by Darrell, check out his YouTube channel.