Evolution Guitars Releases World’s First Modular Electric Guitar

Evolution Guitars has announced the release of their modular electric guitar, launching with an option of four different faceplate sound profiles.
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Evolution Guitars has announced the release of their modular electric guitar, launching with an option of four different faceplate sound profiles.

From the company:

Evolution Guitars is bringing something new to the electric guitar industry this summer. After over two years in development and field testing, the world’s first truly modular electric guitar will be available at the online store (TheEvolutionGuitar.com), as well as Brighton Music Center (Pittsburgh, PA), and UnbeatableSale.com beginning in summer 2016.

Evolution Guitars has enjoyed much success in recent years at the NAMM conventions in both L.A. and Nashville, having been featured on the cover of the March 2014 issue of The Music and Sound Retailer as part of NAMM’s “new class” of vendors and exhibitors. Among the industry favorites and standard styles of instruments, the innovate modular design of the Evolution truly stands out. This radically new and practical design not only wowed the visiting tradesmen, but caught the eye of music industry veterans and is presently being touted as a revolution in electric guitar design.

Evolution Guitars has worked hard to build partnerships with others in the industry and is excited to be working with GHS Strings, sole supplier of strings for Evolution Guitars, and www.GuitarHeads.net, who provide a range of custom pickups for the Evolution line.

Designed for a new generation of musicians, the flexibility and value that the Evolution offers is unmatched in the industry. Over a year of field testing by Evolution’s sponsored artists – and over 30 generations of design changes made as a result – have refined and matured the innovative modular design into a quality instrument.

The Evolution will launch with an option of four different faceplate sound profiles: Metal, Jazz, Rock/Blues, and HipHop. Each of these sound profiles features a unique faceplate buildout by our luthier. And due to the Evolution’s modular design, each faceplate can be interchangeably mounted to the instrument, allowing one guitar to possess an unlimited variety of tones and styles. With each faceplate retailing for around half the cost of the full guitar, the Evolution’s modular design is economically efficient.

Perfect for gigging and touring bands that require multiple guitars, the Evolution saves both money and luggage space. The guitar is also great for recording studios that must be able to create a variety of sounds, genres, and styles without going over budget. Evolution Guitars is excited to offer great deals on special packages including the Players Package and the Studio Package, which will feature the Evolution guitar along with one or more extra faceplates of differing sound profiles, at a significantly discounted cost.

With the Evolution Guitars Custom Shop, players will be able to work directly with our luthier to create customized faceplates to add to their collection. With one body and multiples styles of faceplates, the Evolution offers an unprecedented ability to explore and customize tone.

Since its introduction to the industry at Winter NAMM 2015, the Evolution has quickly become a versatile tool of the trade for young and veteran musicians alike. National and local press, industry leaders, and musicians at NAMM found Evolution Guitars to be uniquely innovative and totally fresh in their approach to electric guitar design.

Find out more at theevolutionguitar.com.