ENGL Announces New Artist Edition E 651A Amp

Simple handling with maximum performance... and then some.
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ENGL is releasing the second Artist Edition amp - the E 651A.

This new 100 Watt Head builds on the uber popularity of the Artist Edition E651. The original Artist Edition, developed as a modified version of an E650 Blackmore Signature head, was sought out by artists such as Jimmy Page, Doug Aldrich, Ken Hammer, Paul Stanley and Scott Gorham. 

Specifications of the E 651A: 

4 x ECC 83 preamp tubes, 4 x EL34 power amp tubes

The front panel features:

  • Clean and Lead channel feat. separate Gain controls (both can be played in Hi or Lo Gain mode and deliver 4 different gain stages) 
  • Bright switch 3 band EQ Shape switch (remote controllable via footswitch) 
  • Lead Presence control 
  • Lead Volume control 
  • Hi/Low Gain switch 
  • Channel switch Master A/B (remote controllable via footswitch)

The rear panel features:

  • S.A.C port for the Z-9 foot switch
  • 3 x 1/4“ stereo jacks for connecting the Z-4 Noise Gate (Threshold control, remote controllable via footswitch)
  • FX loop (parallel to serial adjustable, remote controllable via footswitch)
  • Speaker Outs (1 x 4, 1 x 8, 2 x 8, 1 x 16, 2 x 16 Ohms)

Visit the ENGL website for more information.