EHX Unveils the Nano POG, the Smallest Polyphonic Octave Generator | VIDEO

Check out this new pedalboard-friendly polyphonic octave generator.
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EHX’s new Nano POG delivers flawless tracking and sound in a compact package. With increased demand for pedals that fit into smaller settings, EHX developed the Nano POG to take the functionality of their best-selling Micro POG and fit it into a more Pedalboard-friendly form.

Hear all that it can do in this demo by Bill Rupert: 

An advanced algorithm ensures that the most fleet-fingered guitarists will enjoy glitch-free tracking while the sub-octave and octave up deliver the clarity and sound quality EHX’s POG Series is renowned for.

Separate level controls for dry, sub-octave and octave up let the player create a variety of sounds ranging from a convincing bass guitar to a sweet mandolin-like chime and rich organ-esque tones. A separate Dry output is included which enables the player to split their signal for greater flexibility and control.

The Nano POG is equipped with reliable silent footswitching which can be especially useful in various scenarios such as recording sessions or with acoustic musicians whose instruments are mic’d.

The Nano POG includes an EHX9.6DC power adapter and also runs on a 9V battery. The new pedal carries a U.S. List Price of $270.50.

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