Eastwood Guitars "Crowd Sources" Its New Custom Shop

Eastwood Guitars is letting the public drive its custom-shop production.
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Michael Robinson of Eastwood Guitars is turning to YOU — well, you and a lot of other interested members of the guitar-playing public — to determine which models the Eastwood Custom Shop will design and put into production.

Anyone can come up with a wacky or otherwise awesome idea for a guitar (or ask for different versions, features, colors of the current Eastwood line), send it to Eastwood, and see if there's enough interest to put the model to a vote. If enough people like the idea to fund production, the new model is made and sent out to everyone who ordered it.

DEVO's Bob 1 just tried out the concept by asking if Robinson would produce a signature model of his classically weird 1967 La Baye 2x4 (pictured above). In less than 24 hours, more than 50 La Bayes had been sold (only 45 were produced back during the guitar's debut in 1967), and, at press time, the "Bob 1 Signature" was 581-percent funded.

To foist your own crazy ideas on guitarists everywhere, just click this link to visit the Eastwood Custom Shop.

Have fun and good luck!