Dunable Guitars Adds New Pickup Line with Four Models | VIDEO

All models are wax potted and available with a range of options.
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Boutique electric guitar company Dunable Guitars has released a line of four electric guitar pickups. The pickups are an addition to the company’s well-respected line of boutique electric guitars and basses played by metal and rock groups such as High on Fire, Deafheaven, The Devil Wears Prada, Intronaut, and many others.

The new pickups are the Baphomet, Direwolf, Grizzly and Bigfoot.

“These four designs are the product of me obsessing over every nuance and honing in on what can cater to the needs of a specific kind of player, as well as offering the option to customize its aesthetic to a specific guitar,” says Sacha Dunable, owner and creator of Dunable Guitars and Pickups. “I'm a firm believer in being a master of some trades and a jack of none, so I'm sticking to what I know here. These are made for rock and heavy metal players by a rock and heavy metal player.”

All Dunable Pickups are wax potted and made with the finest and most efficient materials available. They come in a variety of covered or uncovered options, including distressed/aged nickel silver covers, nickel silver rings with wood veneers, or more traditional uncovered or covered looks, allowing players to customize their pickups to their own guitar.

The specs for each pick are as follows:

Baphomet: 12k/10k, 42AWG, Ceramic
Direwolf: 14.7k/12.6k, 43AWG, Alnico V
Grizzly: 9k/7.7k, 42AWG, Alnico IV
Bigfoot: 23.7k/19k, 43AWG, Alnico VIII

Street price: $125-155 per pickup.

You can view videos for each of the pickup models below. For more videos, sound clips, and other useful information, visit DunableGuitars.com.