Check out the New Xotic Voltage Doubler Power Adapter

Give your Xotic Effects a little extra “juice!”
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Xotic Effects announced the new Xotic Voltage Doubler power adapter that will give your Xotic Effects a little extra "juice!" The new Voltage Doubler is designed to step-up voltage output to either 15 or 18-volts (max draw 80mA) and is constructed to deliver clean, consistent power with the lowest possible noise.

Just plug in a 9-volt power source and choose 15 or 18-volts. When you boost the voltage your find your Xotic pedals will get much more dynamic with top end and brightness, less compressed sound. Boosting the Bass BB Preamp and Bass RC Booster sound great with bass guitar with the extra headroom and clarity.


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Simply plug in the power adapter to your existing power source, switch the voltage to either 15 or 18 volts and plug into your pedal. Delivers clean, consistent power with the lowest possible noise.

The following is Xotic’s voltage recommendation per pedal:

 15-volts: AC Booster, RC Booster, BB Preamp, BBP-COMP, BBP-MB,Bass BB Preamp, and Bass RC Booster.15-volts or 18-volts: EP Booster, SL Drive, SP Compressor, AC Plus, BBPlus, and AC-COMP.The Xotic Voltage Doubler is designed only for Xotic Effects pedals.

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Retail: $36.00