Buzzing from Electric Guitar Turns Out to Be a Nest of Wasps

The shop that serviced the guitar says it's not the weirdest thing they've discovered in a guitar.
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A guitarist complaining of a buzzing sound coming from his electric guitar took the instrument to a repair shop to suss out the trouble.

Turns out the problem wasn’t electronic—it was organic.

A nest of wasps had made their home in the guitar’s electronics cavity. And that was one problem that couldn’t be fixed with a quick spray of Deoxit.

Australia’s Mixdown magazine reported the story. According to the site, James Millane of Living Music near Melbourne was in the store when the customer and his mother came in with the instrument. The guitar had been owned by the customer’s brother, who had passed away. Although the brother had played the guitar extensively, after his death it had laid in a shed for years, where it made a convenient home for wasps.

Millane says the wasp nest isn’t the weirdest thing he’s found in a guitar, but notes, “It’s on par with sour breakfast cereal being eaten by maggots I once found in a customer’s classical guitar. Their children thought it would be fun to feed the guitar some Wheaties and leave it in there for days. The smell was horrendous!”

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