Box Opening! Billionaire By Danelectro Pride of Texas Pedal

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UPS just delivered this new Billionaire By Danelectro Pride of Texas pedal to my door this morning.

The stompbox is Danelectro's take on one of the greatest Lone Star State guitarists ever. It offers to fatten-up signals (single-coil or humbucker) without a loss of clarity, or adding unwanted colors to your fab tone. There's also a good amount of boost for busting your solos and riffs out of onstage band mixes.

I immediately plugged the Pride of Texas into my Vox AC15 right in my kitchen and knocked off a quick "soundcheck." It's an ambient recording through my laptop and GarageBand, and the laptop was positioned four feet away on a kitchen counter. It's not a pristine recording by any means, but we wanted Guitar Player readers to hear this pedal as soon as it dropped into the world.

Obviously, a comprehensive print review and a good-quality video demo are forthcoming. Watch for 'em!

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