Bog Street Debuts New Three-Sided 'The LEAP' Guitar Pick

Company claims to be giving the standard plectrum "an ergonomic upgrade.”
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Bog Street Music has introduced the LEAP, which it's calling “the most comfortable guitar pick you’ll ever hold.”

According to the company, the three-sided ergonomic plectrum boasts a contour on one side that is designed to provide stability and comfort to the thumb. The opposite side offers freedom of motion and control for the index finger. A hole in the center of the grip allows the thumb and index finger make contact while playing, which Bog Street believes improves feel and comfort during playing.

The LEAP is being offered in two models— Lead, designed for electric guitarists, and Rhythm, for acoustic players. Each model features three different pick gauges for each point. Rhythm features .45mm, .70mm and .80mm points, while Lead offers .73mm, .96mm and 1.5mm.

According to Bog Street founder Paul Holcomb, when he first began playing guitar, one of the things he struggled with was the pick. “It would slip, they were hard to control, I would drop them and I would lose them,” he says in the accompanying video. “Does anybody else have this problem?”

“It might be time,” Holcomb continues, “for the standard guitar pick to get an ergonomic upgrade.”

To find out more about the LEAP and to purchase picks, head over to Bog Street’s Kickstarter page.