3RD Power Gets Patent for Amplifier Design Technology

3RD Power Amplification LLC announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,699,743.
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3RD Power Amplification LLC, a musical instrument company focused on development of tube guitar amplification, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,699,743 covering speaker enclosure designs, methods of attachment and associated electronic circuitry for producing enhanced sound reproduction of electric guitar signals.

“The pursuit of better guitar tone has been a driver of our industry for decades,” says James Scott, CEO of 3RD Power. “For our customers, the ultimate goal is to achieve the highest quality guitar tone possible with minimal hassle so they can be free to focus on giving their all to a great performance. Guitarists as well as recording and sound engineers should be really excited that a music company exists today focused on fulfilling their needs and desires and that 3RD Power was issued a patent for technology that is geared to deliver just that.”

Compared to traditional methods of electric guitar amplification, 3RD Power’s enhanced technology reduces standing waves, noise and various other sources of signal degradation for an improved clarity and refined sound quality of amplified and recorded electric guitar signals. Free of external signal processors or complicated equipment arrangements, the implementation of this technology is invisible to the guitarist. They simply plug in and play as they would with any other instrument and amplifier setup.

To learn more about 3RD Power’s tube guitar amplifier systems, visit 3rdpower.com