Guitar Player Amp Caddy Offers Storage—and Safety—for All Your Accessories | VIDEO

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Ken Mathis has come up with a solution for guitarists who have trouble keeping track of their picks, slides, capos…even cellphones and beverages. It’s called the Guitar Players Amp Caddy, or GPAC, for short.

The GPAC has been three years in development. It sits on top of your amp and has two staggered trays, a cellphone holder and a beverage holder. It also has an extending arm that can hold your cable when it’s not in use. It’s made of stainless steel. And that’s really about all there is to it.

Ken stresses the GPAC’s usefulness not only for organizing but also for ensuring the safety of your gear. He emphasizes the danger of leaving your cable strewn across the floor and plugged into your guitar when it’s not in use.

“I’ve asked so many guitar players, ‘Where is your cable?’ ” Ken says. “And I get the same answer all the time: ‘It’s on the floor.’

“My friends, that is an accident waiting to happen.”

Ken needs $6,000 to reach his goal, and he’s only $25 of the way there, with two weeks to go.

Estimated delivery for the GPAC is May 2015 for a cost of $99 plus shipping.

Take a moment to watch the video below, and visit the GPAC Kickstarter campaign page.