Elysian Tuned Aperture Technology Puts Tone-Shaping in Your Pickups | VIDEO

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Adam Bath of Elysian Guitars has a pretty cool idea: instead of being limited to just one sound from a pickup, why not create one that has tone-shaping capability built right into it?

That idea has come to fruition in his Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickups (TAP, for short). On the TAP, one end of the winding is the same diameter as what you find on a standard pickup. The other end is wider, putting more wire under the string to produce better volume, clarity and dynamics.

Using what Bath says is a patent-pending bobbin configuration, he says he can create humbucking pickups that have from four to eight different tones, and single-coil and P90s that have two. And it’s all possible without the use of batteries, complex circuits or modifications to your existing guitar, simply by flipping the bobbin assembly around.

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Bath launched a Kickstarter campaign for his Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickups a few weeks back, and as of this post he’s just over a fifth of the way toward his goal, with less than a week left.

He notes that Kickstarter pledgers can choose from several options for their pickups. These include magnet type (Alnico II, V or VIII), bobbin material (choice of wood variety or plastic in choice of color), pole pieces (slugs, nickel screw or black Allen bolts), and wind (vintage, overwound vintage and modern hot).

Check out the video below, and check out his Kickstarter campaign for a thorough look at his concept.