Catalinbread Introduces the New Katzenkönig Distortion Pedal | VIDEO

The Katzenkönig delivers a beautiful singing tone, tight, harmonically-rich crunch and fuzz mayhem.
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Catalinbread is proud to introduce the new Katzenkönig distortion pedal.

The Katzenkönig combines the best elements of a Tone Bender MkII fuzz and a Rat distortion. The circuit is all-discrete, using a trio of silicon transistors in a modified Tone Bender MkII arrangement with the output section of a Rat, including its clipping section, filter, and output buffer.

The result is a pedal that we tuned to offer a huge range of response - from a really beautiful singing tone, to tight, harmonically-rich crunch, all the way to fuzz mayhem.

Watch the demo:


  • Blended qualities of a Rat distortion and Tone Bender MkII Fuzz
  • Sings like a great fuzz, but rhythms remain tight like a great distortion
  • Filter, Gain, Volume, and Input controls
  • True-Bypass
  • Hand-made in Portland, Oregon
  • Accepts standard 9V, 18V center-negative power and batteries

The Katzenkönig is now shipping, and available to all Catalinbread dealers and distributors worldwide. Visit the website to learn more.