BC Audio Releases New Octal-Plex Amp Series

The amps are based on Plexi circuits built and feature point-to-point construction.
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BC Audio recently released the Octal-Plex Series, a family of guitar amps based on Plexi circuits that have been adapted for octal (8-pin) preamp tubes and built with true point-to-point construction. There are a menu of circuit variations and options – like Bass Spec, footswitchable Gain Boost, Volume Boost, Effects Loop and more.

The octal preamp tubes produce a thicker, bigger sound than 12AX7s, with a more power tube-like crunch. The true point-to-point wiring gives the amp more clarity and detail.

Features include:

  • 100% All-Tube Signal Path
  • True Point-to-Point Wiring
  • Custom Heavy 16ga Powder Coated Steel Chassis
  • American-made Paper Bobbin/Paper Layer Wound Transformers
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Tube Rectifier (JTX45, JTX50)
  • Impedance Selector for 4, 8 or 16 Ohms

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