Zinky True Grit

March 1, 2005

Just like how U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn (played by John Wayne in the 1970 movie True Grit) could go from mellow to blow-your-head-off in the blink of an eye, the aptly named True Grit ($168 retail/street price N/A) delivers a similar experience with a twist of its Gain knob. This pedal has very effective Bass and Treble controls—those who are always craving more lows will not be disappointed—and the Grit knob enhances punch by adding a subtle grind texture in the upper-mid/lower-treble range that’s especially cool for power chords. The Boost footswitch activates a mild volume increase, which is most noticeable and effective at lower Gain settings. It’s probably a good thing that the Boost function isn’t too strong, as the True Grit has so much output already that a herkin’ boost at the wrong moment could probably put the hurt on your speakers. Able to go from blues, to classic rock, to hyped, modern-metal grind, the True Grit is a toothy sounding hombre with more attitude than a drunken cowpoke.

KUDOS Wide-ranging distortion and potent output.


CONTACT (928) 522-0800; zinky.com

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