Y2K6 International Live-Looping Festival

June 1, 2007

Half-hour performances occurred on dual stages each day between noon and midnight, with artists performing on one stage as teardown/setup took place on the other, making for a continual flow of music. Additional performances took place in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco during the week preceding the main festival, and there were real-time Internet jams between artists located in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., South America, the Near East, and Japan via Ninjam technology.

Performers at the festival included guitarists Bill Walker, Krispen Hartung, Goh Nakumura, Ted Killian, Warren Sirota, The Genie, Rainer Straschill, Carl Weingarten, and yours truly. But there were also bassists, cellists, trumpet and sax players, keyboardists, vocalists, percussionists, an electric mandolinist, and even a MIDI spoon player. Among the many highlights were Hartung and drummer Rick Walker’s telepathic jazz improvisations, Swedish synth/woodwind player Per Boysen’s Jon Hassell-like soundscapes, and Amy X Neuburg’s “avant-cabaret” vocal/sampler tour de force.

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