Xotic Effects RC Booster

March 1, 2005

Sometimes all you need is simply more of what you’ve already got, and the RC Booster ($195 retail/$173 street) is designed to give your fave guitar a serious kick in the ass without changing its sonic character. Even with its Gain control fully cranked, you don’t get a lot of distortion from the RC, but moderate-to-high settings of the Volume and Gain knobs make everything sound substantially bigger and badder. (Picture turning the volume up on a clean amp to the point where it’s just starting to break up and you’ve got the idea.) The U.S.-made RC is particularly effective with single-coils, and its well-voiced Bass and Treble controls (which feature center detents) make it easy to dial in just the right balance of girth and clarity. If you want to beef up your Strat or Tele, but don’t need a huge amount of grind, this pedal is a great choice.

KUDOS Works like a “vibe” control to boost distortion and output without changing your guitar’s fundamental character.


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