WT2000 Chromatic Tuner

March 22, 2011

gp0311_gear_4667_nrThe WT2000 ($120 retail/$99 street) isn’t based on a classic pedal of yore, but that’s okay, because its small footprint and ease-of-use makes it a viable tuning option. The WT2000 doesn’t offer special tuning modes or tuning presets either, which is bad if you’re into that sort of thing, but a boon if you’re deathly afraid of knocking your tuner into some whackedout, rarely used function in the middle of a gig. The LEDs are big and bright enough to be seen on a semi-lit stage, but in the sunlight things get a bit trickier as the WT2000’s display can easily get washed out. Still, the WT2000 is plenty accurate enough, and when it’s switched off, the circuit is completely bypassed and powered down to save battery life.














gp0311_gear_4675_nrKUDOS A compact, accurate tuner.

CONCERNS Basic features may not be enough for some players.

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